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TEL#: 612.339.6688 / 612.338.6688
FAX#: 612.339.6689
903 Washington Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55415


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Janna Jonely
Hello, I would like to make a reservation for dinner for 2 on Thursday, February 15th at 6 PM. Please email confirmation. Thank you.
Worst place ever.. got there at 8.30pm on 11/11 waited for a hibachi table at 9pm apparently.. we were still sitting and waiting until 9.30pm no one even came to inform us of the delay sat down at the hibachi table for 45 mins before even getting started.. manager was rude and absolutely useless god knows how one person would employ such rubbish staff I am going to report also to the media of ur hygiene levels and have proof with pictures of ur disgusting uncleared table