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Carol Throntveit
Looking at the Groupon and wondering if the Hibachi dinner can be made gluten-free. Thanks for letting me know! Carol
David W Clausen
I had dinner here last night with my 2 sons. I asked for the General Manager's business card so I can follow up with a message. I was told "not here". Great, can I have his card. I get card with no name on it, no email address of any kind. You're getting a lot of bad revues for poor service. What's going on here? I used to love this place.
Mary Sorsoleil
I was so disappointed in the performance of our chef tonight. I have been several times and was very satisfied with the entertainment. Tonight I had a guest with us who has never been to a habachi and the chef was not into it at all. I will take our friend to Osaka or Benihana next time he visits. This was not a good experience.