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I am allergic to shrimp. Benehana,and Kobe, always cook the shrimp dish last. Of course this is after letting the table know that it will be cooked last. No one minds,usually! When I called in here, she said they would cook it in the back, I asked, if the table agrees to cook the ship last? No, to many people, has to be cooked in back. I will skip this place. Thanks!
Thanks for the horrible evening!! Drove almost a hour and you claim you lost our reservation. Wasn't interested in waiting a hour. Horrible service....won't make that mistake again! Hope others don't have this issue. Very poor!
Gregory J Scharine
I love Wasabi! I have a friend coming into town that has Celiac and is Gluten Free. Is there a way to request a Gluten free Hibachi meal? Can we order plain fried rice with no sauce on it? Thank you.