Free parking during lunch time!

TEL#: 612.339.6688 / 612.338.6688
FAX#: 612.339.6689
903 Washington Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55415


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Linda Lonn
It's not easy to get a reservation and we couldn't make a reservation on-line. A couple weeks ago, we drove to Wasabi. Unbeknownst to us, there was an event at US Bank Stadium. It was snowing. Traffic was awful and all the street meters were covered so we couldn't park on the street. The biggest shock of all was that the cost to park in their parking lot was $25!!! Seriously? For dinner? Wasabi was one of my favorite restaurants when I lived downtown. Unfortunately, we will have to take Wasabi off our list in the future. We don't have time to monitor events downtown and we refuse to pay $25 for parking. Great spot if you live downtown and can walk or bike.
Devin McVay
Happy hour is really good. I've gone many times and food is always wonderful; sometimes it takes a while to get the food, but when it comes its great.
Corey Irion
Hi, Is it just hibachi style dining or can is it an option to sit at a normal table and order sushi? Thanks!